Why Can’t I Spare Sans In My Undertale Pacifist Run?


Some video games like to give us alternate endings to give the game a sense of replayability, and Undertale does exactly that with its neutral route, true pacifist route, genocide route, and hard mode. Many Undertale players opt to play through a pacifist run.

What Is A Pacifist Run In Undertale?

What Is A Pacifist Run In Undertale

The pacifist run (or true pacifist route) leads to the happier conclusion of the game. It’s a challenging run for anyone who wants to beat up monsters because there’s no killing anyone or gaining any experience with the pacifist route.

Why Can’t I Spare Sans In The Pacifist Run?

The Pacifist Run
The Pacifist Run

We hate to be the bearer of bad news, but if you even have the option to spare Sans, then you will die. That doesn’t sound very pacifist. That’s because it’s not.

If you have the option at all to spare Sans, then you’re not doing the pacifist run. Somewhere along the way, you switched to the Genocide route, but if you’re already at that point, you’ve already killed some people, so how did you think it was a pacifist run in the first place?

If you’re at the point where you’re sparing San, then it’s time to go back and start a new run but, this time, making sure you’re truly doing a pacifist run in Undertale.


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