Do You Get Experience In Undertale’s Pacifist Route?


So you just picked up Undertale and started the game; that’s great; it’s an excellent game. However, many people pick up Undertale because they’re intrigued by the idea of completing the game without harming a soul. This is called the pacifist route.

Can You Really Beat Undertale Without Defeating Monsters?

Undertale’s Pacifist Run

Yes, Undertale’s pacifist route (or pacifist run) is the approach you should take if you’re tired of role-playing games that require you to grind for experience by killing monsters. You can get through the entirety of Undertale without killing a thing. The reason why someone would want to go through the true pacifist route is that it’s the only way to get the “true ending” of Undertale (as the game has multiple endings).

Do You Get Experience In Undertale Pacifist Route?

Undertale’s Pacifist Route

If you find yourself getting experience while attempting the pacifist route in Undertale, then we’d hate to be the ones to tell you: you’re not doing the pacifist route. The only way you gain experience in Undertale is by killing monsters. If you’re killing monsters, then you’re not truly doing a “pacifist” run, are you? Your goal should be to have a grand total of “0” experience when you get to the ending.

If you end up battling Sans, then you’re not in the right place.


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