Will Starfield have Procedural Generation?


Procedural generation is not a new concept in video games. It’s actually been around since the 1970s. However, a more recent (and well-known) example of procedural generation is Minecraft. Minecraft uses procedural generation to create random environments while sticking to the same set of rules. Will Starfield have procedural generation?

Procedural Generation In Starfield

Starfield Game Play Scene

While only some of Starfield is playable at the moment (by the developers), the game is still very much in the middle of development, but will they follow the concept of procedural generation used by other science-fiction games like No Man’s Sky? There’s no doubt the idea of procedural generation increases gameplay by making it less predictable.

Will Procedural Generation In Starfield Be The Same As No Man’s Sky?

Starfield Game Play Scene 2

Todd Howard, Bethesda’s director, has already stated that procedural generation in Starfield will be different. Bethesda is using procedural generation to create a map more massive than the Fallout 76 map and four times bigger than Skyrim’s. Bethesda is accomplishing this by using procedural generation to create the maps and different planets and then filling it in from there.

They just have to make sure they don’t do what Mass Effect did, which was create large, yet bare, planets, but seeing as this is Bethesda, we’re sure they’re going to fill out Starfield nicely.


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