Will Starfield Be On Xbox Game Pass


The Xbox Game Pass is an interesting subscription that those who own the Xbox line of consoles or Windows 10 can play. Even those on Android with an xCloud can use the Xbox Game Pass service. For a console or PC, the Xbox Game Pass is only 9.99 USD a month, with its ultimate version being 14.99. This grants game pass players the ability to play a range of games from old to new. This could eventually include Starfield.

Will Microsoft Put Starfield On Xbox Game Pass?

Microsoft’s purchase of Bethesda has thrown everything into question. However, there’s some hope that Microsoft wouldn’t keep The Elder Scrolls VI from being cross-platform. However, since Starfield is an original IP, it wouldn’t cause as much backlash to make it an Xbox Exclusive. If they were to do that, then they wouldn’t need to put Starfield on Xbox Game Pass right away; they could sell it at full price without too many complaints.

Should Microsoft Put Starfield On Xbox Game Pass?

If Microsoft decides to allow Bethesda to make Starfield cross-platform, then they should put it on Xbox Game Pass. Sony wouldn’t be allowed to offer Starfield on a similar subscription service, so they would be at a disadvantage as far as price is concerned.

Putting Starfield on the Xbox Game Pass, especially if they allowed Starfield to go cross-platform, would be a smart move to push more Microsoft products and give them an edge over Sony’s PlayStation 5.

Of course, this is all moot if Microsoft decides to pull the rug from under Sony and take Starfield for themselves. We’ll have to wait and see.


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