Will Starfield Be On The PlayStation 5?


Bethesda’s future with Sony’s PlayStation is anyone’s guess after Microsoft (the company behind the Xbox and PC) bought out the gaming company. Now, all of Bethesda’s assets, including Fallout, The Elder Scrolls, and Starfield, are under Microsoft’s umbrella. Does this mean Starfield won’t be on the PlayStation 5?

Microsoft Could Use Starfield As An Advantage

Starfield Game Play Scene

We have great AAA science-fiction titles out there, like the Mass Effect series and Destiny, but Starfield sounds like it’s going to be the next big sci-fi game. With how long Starfield has been in development (over a decade), it better live up to the player’s expectations.

However, many of those players may end up alienated if Microsoft had their way. If Microsoft had any semblance of mercy for PlayStation players, they would allow Bethesda to release Starfield for the PlayStation, but only a little after the Xbox and PC. This would force some players to purchase an Xbox Series S/X or a PC if they want to be one of the first to get their hands on Starfield.

Is There A Possibility Starfield Won’t Come To The PlayStation At All?

Starfield Video Game Scene

While Microsoft is allowing Bethesda to run its day-to-day business relatively uninterrupted, we’re sure if Microsoft had their way, they would not let Sony to get their hands on Starfield at all. This means there is a distinct possibility Starfield could be an Xbox exclusive. Sony fans are hoping Starfield will come out for the PS5, but it’s still up in the air at this point.

Do you want Starfield to release for the PlayStation 5?


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