Will PC Gamers be able to play Final Fantasy XVI?


With all Final Fantasy titles available on PC—bar the PlayStation exclusives of XII and the VII Remake—it’s fair to say that many of the series’ fans find themselves playing with good-old mice and keyboards.

Thus, it must have been a relief to see the words “also available on PC” underneath “PlayStation Console Exclusive” at the very end of the upcoming FFXVI’s announcement trailer.

But it turns out this early confirmation was an accident. Sony quickly retracted the statement, much as they had done with the exact same message written in their Demon’s Souls trailer, affirming that the game will be a PlayStation console exclusive, period.

Before PC fans of the franchise throw in the towel and hurl their cash towards the nearest PlayStation 5, it’s worth looking a little deeper—as there’s plenty of hope that this title will find itself on PCs, eventually.

A 6-Month Timed Exclusive

As pointed out by industry analyst Piers Harding-Rolls, Final Fantasy XVI will be exclusive to PlayStation consoles—but only for a limited time.

It turns out that the game will be a PlayStation exclusive for 6-months, and a console exclusive for 12-months.

This means that the game could release on PC any time after that initial 6-month window.

That said, apart from Sony’s rather revealing little mistake, there is no information that the game will certainly be coming to PC—and there is unlikely to be any news for a while seeing as the title will only drop onto the PlayStation 5 in late 2021.

However, considering the timed exclusivity and Sony’s premature reveal that the title will be “also available on PC”, it’s fair to assume that we’ll be playing the title on PCs within the next few years. But, of course, don’t hold us to that as we are undoubtedly still a while away from official confirmation.


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