Will Final Fantasy XVI be multiplayer?


After a few years of players being able to jump into Final Fantasy XV’s multiplayer expansion, Comrades, support was finally severed in 2020—making the game, once again, a single-player only experience. This was especially sad for fans of the series who had experienced the first multi-player mode in a single player focused Final Fantasy game.

So, with the upcoming instalment, Final Fantasy XVI, to be released in 2021 the question begs: will it have any online features?

From the Makers of Final Fantasy XIV

One of the first things fans will notice is that the team behind the new title are Square Enix’s Creative Business Unit III—notably the team who still manage Final Fantasy XIV: A Realm Reborn, the series’ MMORPG.

Moreover, the game director of XIV is acting as the producer on XVI.

All of this would point one to speculate that the game would find itself based online, or at least with some online capabilities.

However, sadly, we’re here to shatter this hope with the information that Final Fantasy XVI is, at least with all the information we have thus far, an offline, single-player action RPG.

Another Offline Final Fantasy

While FFXVI being offline may come as no surprise to most fans of the franchise—seeing as pretty much all other titles are single-player, offline games—it may be a slight disappointment for those who thought FFXV’s Comrades online function marked a change in the series’ approach to multiplayer features.

However, while the new game is likely to be wholly single player at launch, so was FFXV. The Comrades expansion came over a year after its initial release, so there’s a slim chance that we may see a similar fate for the new instalment in the franchise.

That said, it’s not worth setting this as an expectation for now, as closing their online servers for XV doesn’t scream confidence in the value of their online features.

So, in short, Final Fantasy XVI will not have any multiplayer function upon release. And while there is a slim chance of it receiving a multiplayer expansion somewhere down the line, we certainly wouldn’t count on it.


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