Will Final Fantasy XVI be coming to the PS4?


As the dark, gritty medieval-fantasy announcement trailer for the new, upcoming Final Fantasy XVI drew to a close at Sony’s PlayStation 5 Showcase in September, the words “PlayStation Console Exclusive” plastered themselves on the screen in big, bold letters.

But with many of us still hanging onto our PS4 consoles it has us begging the question—will we be able to play it on the PS4?

While there’s no official word on whether the game will be coming to the, now, previous gen console we can speculate—and sadly our measured speculation is no.

PS5 Console Exclusive

We’re all familiar with console exclusives, and as we move into next gen they are proving to be a bigger deal than ever. Both Microsoft and Sony and snagging IPs with exclusivity deals left, right and centre.

Securing console exclusivity for the upcoming title in the iconic series is surely another sought-after title in Sony’s already impressive pile of PlayStation 5 exclusives.

But these exclusivity deals on next-gen games are slightly different than they used to be—and that is that many of them are timed. And this is exactly the case with FFXVI.

In this case, Final Fantasy XVI has been marked as a PlayStation exclusive for the first 6 months after its initial release in 2021, and a console exclusive for at least 12 months. This means that we may eventually see the game come to PC and other consoles in 2022.

Unlikely to come to the PS4

While we cannot be certain, it’s easy to presume that although the game will be a PlayStation console exclusive, that will really mean a PS5 exclusive.

That is because the game is set to release in late 2021, which will mark an entire year after the launch of next-gen consoles. Over this year we’re likely to see a strong migration to the new consoles (which is especially being pushed by Sony, it’s worth noting), meaning that releasing for the PlayStation 4 may simply not be on the cards.

But, of course, this isn’t all bad news. Restricting the title to the new generation of consoles will allow its performance and features to be optimised for the incredible new tech, without needing to accommodate the comparatively slow and sloppy original PlayStation 4 from 7 years ago. And, to be honest, that’ll probably be a huge bonus for the game’s development and potential

In short, it’s unlikely to come to the PlayStation 4, but perhaps that will be better fans of the series given the game will have the opportunity to reach new heights.


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