When will Final Fantasy XVI Release?


Announced on September 16 2020, Final Fantasy 16 will be the next mainline title in the longstanding Final Fantasy Series. As with all instalments of the series to date, Square Enix have introduced an exciting new cast of characters, setting and style of gameplay.

This time around, Final Fantasy players will find themselves engrossed in a glorious world-scale tale in a world filled with swords, monsters and magic.

When Will It Release?

As we have only been privy to one announcement trailer, it is still very much up to speculation when the game will finally come to the PlayStation as a timed exclusive. While PlayStation Official Magazine initially mentioned the game was “coming in 2021”, it’s important to remember that the magazine isn’t quite an official announcement.

Furthermore as Sony has stated themselves, on the PlayStation Blog, that the “next big information reveal is scheduled for 2021” it may be worth preparing ourselves for the game to be released in 2022, or in the very final quarter of 2021 (if we’re lucky).

Either way, this means that fans have a while to tie together the rich fragments of information which we have been provided with in the Awakening Trailer released back in September.

A Timed Exclusive

While the release date is yet to be confirmed, what can be confirmed—from directly within the Awakening Trailer—is that the game will be a PlayStation 5 exclusive… at least for now.

Games analyst Piers Harding-Rolls went to great efforts on twitter to explicate how the title will be a full exclusive for 6 months (after which it may release on non-console platforms) while being a console exclusive for 12 months.

This means that if you’re an Xbox gamer, you are unlikely to be able to get your hands on the new title, at least on your console of choice, until almost 2023!

In sum, we still have a long wait before we will receive any solid release date from either Sony or Square Enix. But we can keep hoping that news will come sooner rather than later.


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