Is Final Fantasy XVI Coming to Xbox Consoles?


Despite the games being more widely available on PlayStation and PC, both long-term fans and newcomers to the franchise have managed to enjoy many Final Fantasy titles on Microsoft’s Xbox systems. Be it FFXIII or FFXV releasing alongside their PlayStation versions, or the more wide-ranging recent additions to the Xbox library which occurred in 2019.

However, fans of the series who grasp Xbox controllers may be disappointed to hear that the upcoming title is currently listed as a PlayStation console exclusive.

This will be especially heart-breaking as some may have hoped FFXV’s combined, and equal, release across the rival consoles marked a change in the franchises presence on Microsoft systems.

Coming, But Further Down the Road

While the game is currently a PlayStation console exclusive, like many next-gen exclusivity deals this is only temporary.

Game industry analyst Piers Harding-Rolls explained soon after the announcement trailers that FFXVI will be a PlayStation exclusive for 6-months, and a console exclusive for 12. This means that the title may come to PC 6-months after release, and could potentially find itself on other consoles a whole 365 days later.

In this way, there’s hope that Xbox gamers may eventually get their hands on the latest installation of the iconic franchise.

However, as we have been privy to no further information of whether the game will come to other systems after this exclusivity deal, it’s hard to know for sure whether Xbox gamers will be able to play the title on their hardware of choice.

Many, including me, may suggest that after a year of release, a game built on series-hype may have largely run its course, meaning a release on other systems could be unlikely. But, that said, we are consistently seeing games released across platforms to great success, even years after their release—as we mentioned earlier, Xbox even did this with the original Final Fantasy IX in 2019, which was originally released on the PlayStation in 2000!

Thus, as the Final Fantasy Franchise has so much traction behind it, it’s not inconceivable that even a year after release, FFXVI may well find itself on Xbox, and other, consoles.


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