Would Corsair Work In Final Fantasy XIV?


After writing about the three jobs we want to see in Final Fantasy XIV (but may never see), I put a little more thought into the idea of Corsair. In that piece, I wrote about how Corsair may not work because there is already a Machinist class in the game. However, after reading a reply under a tweet regarding the last article, I was informed it might not be as far-fetched as I had thought.

Machinist Isn’t As Much Of A Gun Class As I Had Thought

I’ll be honest, my knowledge of Machinist is limited to what I’ve seen on YouTube and the first five minutes after using a jump potion that was on sale. I had leveled Machinist on an old character and finished some of the job quests in Heavensward. I remember the only thing about the job quests is how the temple knights of Ishgard didn’t take them seriously because they were tinkerers? I’m sure I’m completely wrong. I’m going completely off of memory here. It’s similar to one of the Tinkerbell movies on Netflix. Don’t ask me how I know this.

Either way, Machinists aren’t really a “Gun” class as much as they are gadget-enthusiasts.

Musketeer Already Existed In Final Fantasy XIV

Musketeer Final Fantasy XIV

As much as I reminisce about Final Fantasy 14 1.0, I don’t know how I could have forgotten there was a Musketeer guild at one point. There was a rumor the musketeer class was supposed to become the base class of Machinist (similar to how Rogue becomes Ninja), but they never came to fruition. This still opens up the possibility of a Musketeer class.

Musketeer Would Be Less Technical

I’m assuming if there were to be a musketeer class, that it would be less technical. It would be more of a powerhouse gunner class. Maybe it would be something similar to Red Mage, where the gun is used after doing some kind of combo with daggers or a rapier. It could also just be a pure ranged class without needing to worry about battery charging or rooks.

The Lore Makes Sense

Corsairs are pirates. In fact, it’s basically another word for a pirate. There are already pirates in FFXIV lore. There’s a whole city-state based on them called Limsa Lominsa. Even the Grand Company leader herself was a former pirate.

If Corsair were to happen someday, Limsa would make the most sense.

What ideas do you have for a Corsair in FFXIV?


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