Tis The Season To Annoy Your Free Trial Friends – Final Fantasy XIV’s Winter Sale Is Here!


FFXIV’s Winter Sale has brought Mog Station items like collegiate attire, Chocobo barding, and Christmas decorations. However, the best part about the sale is the game itself is 50% off.

Final Fantasy XIV Is Half Off

How Long Is Final Fantasy XIV’s Winter Sale?

The game and the Winter Mog Station sale will last until January 4th, 2021. That means your free trial friends can’t use the built-in excuse of not having money because they’ll be swimming in gift cards they can use to get the game.

Which Editions Of Final Fantasy XIV Are On Sale?

The FFXIV sale is good for new or returning players and includes:

  • 50% off the standard and collector’s edition of Shadowbringers for those who only need the expansion.
  • 50% off the complete edition that contains all of the expansion packs for those who are entirely new to the game.

Now’s The Chance To Convert Your Free Trial Friends

The free trial has some communication limitations. While free trial members can join linkshells and cross-world linkshells, they cannot join free companies or send private messages (otherwise known as “tells”) in Final Fantasy XIV. Now’s your chance to bug your free trial friends to make a long-term commitment to FFXIV.

The FFXIV Winter sale that includes a Mogstation item sale ends on January 4th, 2021.


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