Final Fantasy XIV: For The People


So we know Master Chai has run off to consult people to see what he would do if he were in a position of power, but wouldn’t you tell your wife that’s what you were doing? Poor Lady Chai is worried sick about you. There has to be some explanation.

Final Fantasy XIV - Alphinaud - It seems logical then that having consulted those within the city walls

Alphinaud makes a great point: Master Chai doesn’t just want to help people inside the walls of Eulmore; he wants to help everyone. What a great guy, Lady Chai definitely chose a keeper. After a short conversation, Alphinaud pulls his best Fred from

Scooby-Doo impression and has us split up.

Final Fantasy XIV - Flying on a big whale
Final Fantasy XIV - Alphinaud - He seems determined to salvage what goodwill might yet remain

I had to take my giant whale (my only cool mount since I’ve never mount farmed on this character) to meet up with Alphinaud and Kai-Shirr, who knew exactly where they needed to go, and needed to hurry to get there, but decided to wait for me anyway.

Whatever happened to linkpearls?

Final Fantasy XIV - Kai-Shirr - We might ask you the same Master Chai

Finally, we catch up with Master Chai. In a world with magic and flying whales, we somehow don’t have any form of mobile communication.

Final Fantasy XIV - Chai-Nuzz - Looking for me Whatever for
Final Fantasy XIV - Chai-Nuzz - What in blazes are you talking about

We tell him the reason we were so concerned was that Lady Chai was so concerned, and if Lady Chai is concerned, we will commit felonies in her name. For some reason, this irresponsible man thought he’d go off on a grand adventure and only leave a note for his wife. Who does that?

Final Fantasy XIV - Chai-Nuzz - I did seek to learn about the problems faced by the people
Final Fantasy XIV - Chai-Nuzz - Tackling our many challenges will require resources

Master Chai finally explains himself: He doesn’t want to become mayor until he has the resources to do his job. That’s understandable, right? (You still should have told your wife). He speaks of a man named Wrenden, someone who advised Vauthry’s father, because he feels he has the experience Master Chai needs to run Eulmore.

Final Fantasy XIV - Tristol - I can see it in your eyes in the way you carry yourself

However, to find Wrenden, Master Chai must commit to his course. Have some confidence in your eyes, wear some color-changing contacts to make you look fierce.

Final Fantasy XIV - Wrenden

After catching up to Wrenden, we now know why Master Chai needs to look fierce. This guy is why fierce is even in the dictionary. Look at that hair.

Final Fantasy XIV - Wrenden - And I see you have invited your friends

Maybe bringing a posse wasn’t the smartest idea, Master Chai.

Final Fantasy XIV - Chai-Nuzz - They are the ones who awakened us to the truth

Don’t look at me, man. This is your battle to fight. I’m just here because the world doesn’t move forward unless I’m around. Villains are like, “Hold on, the Warrior of Light is off doing a side quest, we need to stop what we’re doing until they’re back.”

Final Fantasy XIV - Chai-Nuzz - Please Wrenden Will you not help me

Wrenden doesn’t believe Master Chai is fit for the job, but there’s a lot of dialogue here, so let me wrap it in a bow for you:

Chai-Nuzz: Please Wrenden UWU

Wrenden: Rawr X3 how will u fix things ://

Chai-Nuzz: 😉 Supply and demand

Wrenden: WAOW OWO

Wrenden: Okies~ but how? owo?

Chai-Nuzz: ROBOTS !! ._./

Final Fantasy XIV - Chai-Nuzz - Pixieberry Cheesecake
Final Fantasy XIV - Chai-Nuzz - Quest Complete

That’s basically how that conversation went. You know, for someone pressing for food, it seems kind of wrong that I get a selection of delicious food as a quest reward.

Now it’s time to fix Eulmore and bring Master Chai back to Lady Chai!

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