3 Jobs We Want To See In FFXIV 6.0 That Will Most Likely Not Happen


If there’s anything the internet loves to do more, it’s to speculate. We also like to ask for things that will never happen, like another season of Firefly, a high-definition sequel (or remake) of Final Fantasy XI, or world peace.

Wanting something that will never happen is human behavior. Forgive us if we’re just doing what our brains want to see fulfilled in the world before we meet our inevitable end.

If we were betting people, we would say we’re on the verge of an announcement for Final Fantasy XIV’s next expansion after Shadowbringers. That means we could see all new jobs introduced to the game. Of course, jobs like Geomancer or Beastmaster make sense since they’re already mentioned in the game’s lore, but that’s not what we’re here for.

We’re here to speculate about jobs we want in FFXIV that don’t make sense, but we want to see anyway.

Time Mage

FFXIV 6.0 Time Mage

Time Mage might not be as far fetched as you think. There are already buff and debuff effects in the game. Of course, it would be difficult to implement correctly, seeing as most bosses are immune to any form of stuns or debuffs. Square Enix doesn’t really want you doing anything in FFXIV except for balls to the wall DPS (or is that the community?), so we’re not sure how it would work, but at least we can hold onto hope knowing time magic does exist in FFXIV lore.


FFXIV 6.0 Pirates

There are pirates in Final Fantasy XIV. The very first dungeon you do, Sastasha, is filled with them. Heck, like half of Limsa’s fleet and their Grand Company leader Merlwyb is a pirate, but would corsair work in FFXIV? Final Fantasy XI’s version of the corsair is a damage dealer with a bit of RNG mixed in with its ability to buff party members and debuff monsters. Corsair as a class could make its way to FFXIV at some point, but it would most likely be a ranged gun class, and we already have Machinist.


FFXIV 6.0 Picto Mancer

We thought a job that was so poorly implemented in only one Final Fantasy game that it never made an appearance again would never be seriously suggested for Final Fantasy XIV, but here we are. Imagine a Blue Mage that was good at Scribblenauts. Sorry, we only added this for the lols, but it does follow the theme of “will never happen,” so it has its rightful place on this list.

What jobs do you want to see in FFXIV that will most likely never happen?


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