Why Was Final Fantasy XI Mobile Cancelled?


We already know Final Fantasy XI mobile was canceled after giving us false hope that we would see a high-definition remake of Vana’diel, but do we know why? Let’s take a look at some theories behind the game’s cancellation.

Square Enix Didn’t Want Final Fantasy XI In Gacha Hell

Nexon, a company known for gacha games, was behind this FFXI remake onto mobile. However, many were worried Nexon would take a much-beloved title and nose-dive it into gacha hell. It would only be visually recognizable as players would most likely be forced into unwanted microtransactions.

Nexon Was Out Of Its League

Nexon could have taken on the expansive world of Vana’diel without knowing how intricate the world really is. Nexon may have gotten a bit too ambitious and bit off a little more than they could chew.

Square Enix Wanted More Control

Part of me wants to think Square Enix wanted it back instead of handing it over to a Korean mobile gaming company to try and reboot the game into the future. I’m hoping Square Enix realized the world and the story of Vana’diel is too big for a mobile gacha company to handle was not a good idea in the first place.

We’re hoping, maybe in two or three years; we get the news that Square Enix is working on a reboot of Final Fantasy XI. It would be great to have two MMORPGs going at the same time, especially those who don’t want to play FFXIV because they believe it’s a “WoW-clone.”


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