Will The Elder Scrolls VI Come Out Before Elden Ring?


Fans of fantasy roleplaying games are eagerly awaiting the release of two major games: The Elder Scrolls VI and Elden Ring. The two games are not from the same developers, but they do sit together in the same category of “big games we know nothing about, but are incredibly hyped for.”

It’s A Race That Elden Ring Might Win

We want to say that The Elder Scrolls VI has been in development much longer than Elden Ring. In fact, Elden Ring supposedly didn’t start development until around 2017. The Elder Scrolls VI at least started pre-production around the end of Skyrim. However, Elden Ring, while ambitious in its own Souls-like series, doesn’t look to be as ambitious as a whole Elder Scrolls title.

Our Money is On Elden Ring Releasing Before The Elder Scrolls VI

Despite news that the Elder Scrolls VI is using procedural generation technology to create its maps, Bethesda still needs to fill them out. Bethesda has also stated they plan on increasing the population of each town in The Elder Scrolls VI to more than what we’re used to from Skyrim. Believe it or not, as expansive as Skyrim seemed, there were only about twenty NPCs in a town, not including guards.

Elden Ring Won’t Have NPCs

There are reports that Elden Ring won’t have NPCs. The game will be an expansive open-world, almost a marriage between Dark Souls and The Witcher 3, but without anyone else in it but the players and the monsters they need to slay. That cuts the development time more than The Elder Scrolls VI, not worrying about dialogue or programming other non-playable characters.

Our money is on players getting their hands on The Elden Ring before The Elder Scrolls VI.


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