Will Starfield And The Elder Scrolls VI Use The Same Engine?


Bethesda has already confirmed the existence of both Starfield and The Elder Scrolls VI, leaving many to wonder if they’re being developed simultaneously. Bethesda has over a decade of pre-development and development done for Starfield and less than a decade’s worth of development done on The Elder Scrolls VI.

Will Starfield Come Out Before The Elder Scrolls VI?

Starfield Scenery

The Elder Scrolls VI has been in development for some time; we’re sure the development even started as far back as when Skyrim was on the PlayStation 3. However, it’s rumored that development for Starfield started years before that point, meaning both games probably were slated for release on the non-existent PlayStation 4 (at the time). They were both also developed using older game engines, but assuming Starfield started first; we’re sure it will release before The Elder Scrolls VI.

Since we’re going into 2021, we’re sure they’ve upgraded game engines along the way, but are they both using the same engine from Bethesda?

Is Starfield And The Elder Scrolls VI Using The Same Game Engine?

Starfield Scenery

Starfield and The Elder Scrolls VI are not using the same engines used for Fallout 76 or Skyrim. Bethesda’s partnership with Microsoft has given them access to new never-before-seen technology as its newest game engine. However, there’s no information yet on any specifics with this newly overhauled engine. However, Todd Howard has confirmed that both games will take advantage of this new engine. Since Microsoft bought out Bethesda, but we haven’t had any recent news on Starfield or The Elder Scrolls VI’s status, at least we know they’ll be using a new engine that should impress us when they both release (hopefully, in our lifetime).


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