Will Elder Scrolls VI Take Place In Valenwood?


Valenwood has long eluded us in the main title Elder Scrolls games except for passing mentions. While Valenwood is explorable in The Elder Scrolls Online, not everyone plays the MMORPG.

What Is Valenwood?

Will Elder Scrolls VI Valenwood Map

Valenwood is mostly inhabited by the Bosmer (otherwise known as wood elves). While Valenwood hasn’t made its way into a main title release yet, unless you count Arenas, many are hoping to explore it in Elder Scrolls 6. Unlike the snowy peaks of Skyrim, Valenwood is mostly forested wilderness. It will be interesting to dive deeper into the lore of Valenwood outside of text in other games and an MMORPG.

Will Elder Scrolls VI Take Place In Valenwood?

Will Elder Scrolls VI Valenwood Scenery

The main rumor is now that the sixth Elder Scrolls game will indeed be called “The Elder Scrolls VI: Valenwood.” However, there are some other areas Bethesda could explore. Bethesda could use The Elder Scrolls 6 to go back to Morrowind instead of diving into the forests of Valenwood. That’s because (despite how big we believed the Morrowind game to be) we only explored one island in the province.

However, if The Elder Scrolls 6 decides not to go to Valenwood, a group of modders are trying to bring Valenwood to The Elder Scrolls 5: Skyrim.

While there is no timeframe on this mod (that looks like it’s mostly self-funded), there’s plenty of fan art and lore already established by the mod team.

That means, even if we don’t get Valenwood for The Elder Scrolls VI, we’ll still have an unofficial non-MMORPG option to explore the province through mods.

Where do you think The Elder Scrolls VI game will take place?


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