Will Elder Scrolls VI Come Out For PS5?


The future of The Elder Scrolls series on Sony’s PlayStation is in jeopardy after Microsoft acquired Bethesda. If the name isn’t already familiar, Microsoft is the giant behind the Xbox line of consoles and the Windows PC. That means, there’s a distinct possibility that we may not see The Elder Scrolls 6 for the PlayStation 5, but we don’t have official confirmation yet.

Elder Scrolls VI Could Still Come Out For The PlayStation 5, But Later

While Microsoft now owns Bethesda, we’re sure they wouldn’t alienate an entire fanbase who doesn’t plan to purchase a PC or next-generation Xbox console. Many Elder Scrolls fans came from Morrowind, Oblivion, or Skyrim, all with console ports, with the last two coming out for the PlayStation consoles, starting with the PS3.

Microsoft could pull the card where they release Elder Scrolls VI for its Xbox Game Pass first, which would incentivize gamers to purchase an Xbox Series S, Xbox Series X, or PC. Microsoft will then allow the PlayStation release weeks or months later.

Is There A Possibility Elder Scrolls VI Won’t Be On The PS5 At All?

Yes, there’s a slight possibility that The Elder Scrolls 6 won’t be on the PlayStation 5. It certainly won’t be on the PS4 because of the new engine they’re using thanks to Bethesda’s sale to Microsoft, but many Sony fans were hoping they would get their hands on The Elder Scrolls VI for the PS5 at the very least.

Only time will tell whether Microsoft bends and allows Bethesda to develop the game for Sony’s PlayStation consoles or if The Elder Scrolls VI will end up being an Xbox Exclusive.


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