Will Elder Scrolls VI Be On Xbox Game Pass?


PlayStation users felt their hearts drop when they heard that Microsoft had purchased Bethesda. Normally, the acquisition of a game studio isn’t a big deal, but it is a big deal when it’s a studio as large as Bethesda. They hold many popular titles that have shown up on PlayStation consoles, from Fallout to The Elder Scrolls. However, Microsoft’s acquisition could have changed the landscape a bit.

Does This Mean The Elder Scrolls VI Won’t Be On The PlayStation 5?

Not necessarily because, while Microsoft does own Bethesda now, they’re leaving them alone to take care of their own day-to-day operations. However, whether a game releases for a competing console isn’t a “day-to-day operation,” it’s a really big decision. Microsoft could keep Sony from getting their hands on The Elder Scrolls series entirely if it were up to Bethesda’s old boss.

Microsoft Could Leverage The Elder Scrolls VI For Its Xbox Game Pass

If Microsoft decided to share The Elder Scrolls VI with Sony, they could do something to increase their own sales first. They could make The Elder Scrolls VI an Xbox Game Pass title for a couple of months or a year before Sony is allowed to release it for their PlayStation 5. That means, if people wanted to pick up The Elder Scrolls VI, they would need to purchase an Xbox Series X or PC.

Despite comments from Phil Spencer, Bethesda is looking to make The Elder Scrolls VI a cross-platform game. It’s a great way to hoard all the money for themselves, but it would cause a lot of backlash from fans if they did so.

Having The Elder Scrolls VI on Xbox Game Pass means the game would be free for those subscribed to the service, which would give it an edge over the PlayStation 5 if they decided to go that route.

Either way, the ball is in Microsoft’s court.


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