Will Elder Scrolls VI Be An Xbox Exclusive?


With the several billion-dollar acquisitions of Bethesda earlier this year, the fate of The Elder Scrolls series with Sony is clouded in mystery. Bethesda’s founder only worsened what little hope PlayStation 5 fans had about seeing The Elder Scrolls VI on PS5 by saying, “What Microsoft owns, Sony cannot get.”

Does This Mean The Elder Scrolls VI Will Be An Xbox Exclusive?

Elder Scrolls VI Xbox Announcement

Keep in mind, “Xbox Exclusive” does include Microsoft Windows, as Xbox Game Pass and other Microsoft titles are playable on the PC. While The Elder Scrolls VI (and, by extension, Starfield) may be exclusive to the Xbox Series S/X, it doesn’t mean PC players need to run out and buy an Xbox Series S or X.

How Much Control Will Microsoft Have Over Bethesda?

Elder Scrolls VI Amor

Now that Microsoft has a hold over a lot of Bethesda’s titles, many assume they’re going to use it as a competitive edge over Sony. While that will undoubtedly be the case with Bethesda’s major titles, it seems Microsoft will give them a little wiggle room as far as platforms they can release on and the day-to-day operations. However, we’re sure Microsoft will use the fact that they now own Bethesda to use the titles to their advantages, such as releasing the titles earlier for their platforms or other strategies to give them an edger over Sony’s PlayStation 5.

For now, there’s no word on whether The Elder Scrolls VI will be an Xbox exclusive. If Microsoft had their way, then we’re sure that we’ve seen the last major single-player title for Sony’s PlayStation in Skyrim, but only time will tell.


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