Will Elder Scrolls 6 Take Place In Hammerfell?


After Microsoft bought out Bethesda, there has been a flurry of questions regarding The Elder Scrolls franchise’s future. Will The Elder Scrolls VI be on the PS5, will it only be on the Xbox Series X, will it take place in Valenwood? It’s because of all the questions surrounding the game that players are digging into anything that can be found, and one of the running theories is that The Elder Scrolls VI will take place in Hammerfell.

What Is Hammerfell?

Hammerfell is a great combination of grassland and desert, and we would like to get away from the snow after almost a decade of playing Skyrim. We’ve encountered a few Redguards in our adventures through Skyrim, but it would be nice to visit the homeland of some of the most proficient warriors in all of Tamriel. Hammerfell has made an appearance in The Elder Scrolls Arena, Daggerfall, Redguard, Shadowkey, and Online, but it’s only been mentioned in Morrowind, Oblivion, and Skyrim. It would be nice to see what Hammerfell will look like outside of an MMORPG.

Will The Elder Scrolls VI Take Place In Hammerfell?

Players are already digging into the lone screenshot we have of The Elder Scrolls 6 and are theorizing the game will either take place in Valenwood or Hammerfell. The city in the distance bears a striking resemblance to Sentinel City, one of the kingdoms in Hammerfell. However, the case for Valenwood is that the lone screenshot doesn’t contain any desert, which is what a big chunk of Hammerfell is made up of.

Maybe this means the theory that The Elder Scrolls VI will take place in both High Rock and Hammerfell is viable.


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