3 Skyrim Steam Achievements I Will Never Get


I’ve been playing Skyrim on and off for the better part of a decade since it came out in 2011. I believe I’ve played it across multiple systems, but I only ever default to a sneaky archer because it’s the most fun for me (and the millions of other people who don’t want to play anything else). However, one thing I haven’t done is focus on achievements in Skyrim.

Achievements Came As I Played

Skyrim Achievements

I’m not an achievement hunter. I’ve never looked at a game and said, “I’m going to 100% this game.” In all honesty, I haven’t had the time to do that since I was a teenager. I would just boot up a console, click Start, and play until I was bored. However, I have become more mindful of achievements recently. I’ll look at them when I get them, but I still haven’t felt the drive to get them all.

Some Skyrim Achievements Make You Choose Different Paths

After browsing through Skyrim’s list of achievements, I don’t believe you can get them all on one character. For example, if you’re going to headcanon a goody-two-shoes lawful good character, you’re probably not going to get the master criminal achievement. You might have to play through two or three characters to get through all achievements.

After looking through the achievements in Skyrim, I found a couple I figured I’d never get.

Stalhrim Crafter

Stalhrim Crafter Skyrim

I can confidently say I will never get Stalhrim Crafter in Skyrim because I don’t craft. Everything I’ve ever had in Skyrim, I’ve either stolen or obtained through questing. I know there are some better items and cool stuff you can do with Skyrim’s crafting system, but I never bothered to figure it out.

Vampire Mastered

Skyrim Vampire Remastered

Every character I’ve ever played has been a sneaky archer. However, I was never fond of nighttime in Skyrim. Whenever the sun went down, I would simply wait for it to come back up. Knowing there is a weakness to sunlight for a vampire character. There’s apparently a way to nullify the sun’s effect, but it sounds too complicated for me to care about doing (even though it requires a bow).

Master Architect

Master Architect Skyrim Achievements

I never read game guides. To be honest, it was until my third attempt at a playthrough where I even found out you could purchase or build houses. It still wasn’t my thing, so I never attempted even to build one, let alone three.

Many of the Skyrim Steam achievements are so low because most of the people who play Skyrim on PC end up modding, which nullifies achievements.

Are there any achievements in Skyrim you know you’ll never get?


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