Will Elden Ring Be On The PlayStation 5?


When Elden Ring was announced at E3 2019 as a collaborative effort between famous author George R.R. Martin and FromSoftware, Dark Souls developer, fantasy fans everywhere erupted in sheer joy.

Elden Ring Was Announced For The PlayStation 4

Elden Ring | E3 Announcement Trailer | PS4

We’re assuming a game of Elden Ring’s hype has been in development for some time. That means, when it was announced for the PlayStation 4, it was developed for an intended release for that generation’s console.

Will Elden Ring Be Be On The PlayStation 5?

Elden Ring Video Game Scene

Many are wondering if Elden Ring, a game most likely delayed due to COVID, will release for the PlayStation 5. In fact, the fate of the game is very much in the air from a developer that’s been so tight-lipped about the project, even before COVID.

Since Elden Ring was announced for the PS4 but is clearly not releasing anytime soon, that could mean they will look towards the PS5 instead. It’s more likely Elden Ring will release for the PlayStation 5 instead of the PlayStation 4, even though it was announced for the latter. Elden Ring wouldn’t be the first game to cancel PS4 development to allocate resources into developing it for a next-generation console.


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