What To Expect From Elden Ring’s Gameplay?


Elden Ring fans aren’t new to the concept of disappointment. Since the game was announced at 2019’s E3, we’ve barely heard anything about a game that’s supposed to be rooted in the same general idea of Dark Souls’ design. While Phil Spencer, the head of Xbox, has played bits of Elden Ring already, there still isn’t much in the way of anything for us to look at. Here’s what we know already about Elden Ring’s gameplay.

Elden Ring Will Be An Action RPG

We haven’t seen much from the Elden Ring as far as gameplay is concerned, but don’t be surprised if it’s similar, if not exactly like Dark Souls or Sekiro. With Miyazaki’s name attached, Elden Ring will most likely be a Souls-like game with great storytelling.

Elden Ring Goes Back To An Unnamed Protagonist

The protagonist of Elden Ring will go back to the traditional create-a-character. That means a player could roleplay anyone instead of having a named character follow their own specific story. Of course, the character will most likely be stuck behind a mask, but at least the players will know who they’re playing.

Gameplay Will Be More Ambitious Than Dark Souls

It should come as no surprise, but since Elden Ring’s gameplay will take place in an open world environment, it will already be a step above Dark Souls. Expect to see something similar to The Witcher 3 with Dark Souls gameplay. That narrows down what we can expect to see from Elden Ring, but until we see some real gameplay, we’ll just go off of interviews from Miyazaki himself.


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